Body Lift

A body lift, circumferential abdominoplasty, or belt lipectomy are all variations on a powerful surgical technique designed to address skin excess in the abdomen, flanks (‘love handle’ areas), lower back and buttock areas. Most candidates for this operation have generally had a large and sustained weight loss. Whilst this leads to huge improvements in their general health, I’m often struck by how disappointed patients sometimes are with the changes in their body shape as a result of the weight loss. The excess skin and tissue can be a significant burden to carry both physically and psychologically.

In general terms a body lift aims to remove the tissue excess around the abdomen and mid trunk areas, at the same time lifting the outer thighs and (if required) use some of the excess tissue to augment the buttocks which tend to disappear with significant weight loss. I would always customize each procedure to the individual patient anatomy and requests. The operation is a significant surgical undertaking but can truly transform the body shape.